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VPSU Update / Press Release

Updated: May 18, 2022

Vermont Plants Sunflowers for Ukraine Solidarity Update

Since early March we have built a statewide community action to bring about thousands of acts of solidarity with the people of Ukraine. We now have our free sunflower seed packets at over 80 businesses, farmer’s markets, schools, churches, towns and cities and departments in Vermont State Government. We continue to reach out across the state asking if a small display space could be provided for our free sunflower seed packets. Patrons, employees, students, members, individuals in every corner of Vermont can take these seeds home and plant them to show that Vermonters stand in solidarity.

As we gain new support, we add each new location with a link on our VPSU Supporters page. Contact us to request a shipment of our free seed packets. This can be anything from one packet mailed to you, a box of 50 or 100+ packets or bulk seed for your organization to pack and distribute in your community. At this point in early May we have shared over a half million solidarity seeds. At the state level expect to see sunflowers growing on the capitol grounds and at other key state locations. VTrans will be planting sunflowers at welcome centers and other key places. Vermont is showing the world that we care and believe that together we can make a difference

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