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One of the Biggest Success Stories of 2024 for VPSU

As of April 19 we have 67 public libraries in Vermont sharing our seeds of solidarity. Our seeds are also being shared at the Crosset Library at Bennington College. Many of our public libraries now have "seed lending libraries." All of these libraries are listed with a link to each on our Supporters page.

Thank you to the staff or the Milton Public Library for sharing this lovely photo of the display that they have created today. We are grateful.

As we near the end of this phase of our work with 700 more packets to fill and to distribute, we begin to think about where and how to plant. Remember that the soil should be around 65 degrees. For us here at our home and farm at 1800' in Marshfield, we often need to wait until after Memorial Day.

Not to rush things, but as summer and fall progress, please consider sharing photos and narratives of our autumn beauty sunflowers growing in your community. Part of our work is to record and to archive the results of our labor or love and solidarity.

Display at the Milton Public Library
Display at the Milton Public Library

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