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Pause and Take a Look at Our Progress to Date 4/13/24

Our days here at "Sunflower Central" often begin before 6 a.m. and go through past 9 p.m. We put labels on our VPSU seed packets, pack each one with autumn beauty seeds, seal each packet, and place 100 packets with a few rack cards in the USPS priority box. Tape, place address label on each and stack ready to head to the PO each day. A few boxes are hand delivered within a 30+ mile radius.

We spend a few hours each day sending out emails and making follow-up phone calls to secure more share points around Vermont. At this point our VPSU seed packs are in over 100 locations. We have over 50 public libraries sharing our seed packets and expect to add more in the coming days. Some of our business locations have already requested another shipment and report that our seeds of solidarity have prompted important conversations about what is happening in Ukraine and what is not happening in Washington, D.C.

We have just opened our last box of 5,000 packets and hope to have them all distributed by the end of April. More long days ahead at 30+ minutes to process one box of 100 ready to send out.

Two BIG requests: Look at the Supporters page. Let us know if you can identify a location that is not listed. You know your own community. Libraries, schools, churches, organizations, businesses, farm markets....all are important for this solidarity action. Your making an in-person introduction and request to carry our seed will be a great help to us at this point.

We also ask that you pick up the phone and make a call to the Speaker's office in D.C. Make it clear that you are asking for a vote on the Bill supporting Ukraine. 202-225-4000

Lastly, if you visit any of the locations that are sharing our seeds of solidarity, please thank them and tell them how important it is for all of us to take a stand.

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