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3/7/24 - For our second year for this Vermont act of solidarity we have ordered over a million autumn beauty multi-branching and multi-colored sunflower seeds from Silver Falls Seed Company.




For municipalities, schools, churches and other organizations, please contact us with your ideas, plans and needs. We will make every attempt to supply you with your seeds and support for planting methods.

We also have a limited supply of interpretive lawn signs with our logo and QR code which provide a great public way of connecting your planting to our collective acts of solidarity. If you would like a sign, please let us know early. We may need to have more printed. Please consider making a $20.00 donation to VPSU to cover the cost of printing and delivering one sign.

VPSU Autumn Beauty Sunflower Seeds Ready To Be Packed

For this year we will also have a small quantity of orange hobbit, a 2-3' multi-branching dwarf variety, and one or two other varieties yet to be determined.

We will once again have close to 200 locations around the state that will have our free VPSU seed packets on display. As we identify these locations, they will be added to our Supporters Page. If you wish to plant either a few orange hobbits or other varieties, please request them directly from us telling us how many you would like. We will mail a packet(s) to you.

Monarch butterfly on an autumn beauty blossom

Below are a variety of online sources for sunflower seeds. You may want to start with your local sources. Some seed supplies can be in short supply if you wait too late in the. *We are suggesting that you begin with considering the many multi-branching types for a showy and long season. Other types such as some of the black oil types can be magnificent especially if planted in large plots. Make a virtual visit to see how this is done at Scott Magnan's Sunflower Fields in Georgia, VT.

Harris Seeds: - Harris Seeds stands with the Ukrainian people and relief efforts. For the month of March, 100% of proceeds from the sunflower seeds listed on this page will be donated to humanitarian support for the people of Ukraine.

American Meadows in Shelburne, VT. - Our approach is simple ‐ for years we have offered gardeners only the best wildflower seeds, flower bulbs, perennial plants and flowers, vegetable seeds and flower seed packets ‐ the ones we grow in our own gardens. We stand ready to help you grow with confidence!

High Mowing Seeds in Wolcott, VT - High Mowing Organic Seeds started with a vision that we still hold today: It is our goal to leverage the power of seed to transform our world. 

Park Seed - "Your success and pleasure are more to Park than your money."

Fedco Seeds - We are a cooperative, one of the few seed companies so organized in the United States. Because we do not have an individual owner or beneficiary, profit is not our primary goal. Consumers own 60% of the cooperative and worker members 40%. Consumer and worker members share proportionately in the cooperative’s profits through our annual patronage dividends.

Johnny's Selected Seeds - In 2006, through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), Johnny's Selected Seeds was sold to its employees. In an ESOP, employees receive shares of the company — not any outside investor. Within 6 years, by 2012, employees owned 100% of the company.

Eden Brothers - Our mission is an ambitious but straightforward one: to provide the finest assortment of quality horticultural products online, and do so at an affordable price *A great guide to growing and an excellent video on varieties from Eden Brothers.

Sunflower Selections - *A big thank you to this CA company for donating 5k orange hobbit seeds and 5k gold rush seeds to our 2023 efforts. is the retail store for our parent company, NuFlowers, LLC, which is a leader in the genetic research,  product development,  and seed supply of ornamental sunflowers to the flower industry.

True Leaf Market - Since 1974, True Leaf Market's brands: Mountain Valley Seed and Handy Pantry, have been providing a multitude of high quality seed to residential and professional growers.

How to Grow Sunflowers from the Harris Seed From the Ground Up Blog

How to Grow Sunflowers from Growing in the Garden

Multi0-branching sunflowers at Fruitlands Berry Farm

One of the most complete and concise guide on growing sunflowers from Garden the Earth.

VPSU sunflowers and sign at American Flatbread in Waitsfield, VT

In the Garden: Sunflowers - Note that Charlie Nardozzi highlights autumn beauty sunflowers.

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