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As VPSU receives official notice of support, providing a place to display and share our seed packets and/or donations to our solidarity work, we will update this page. We also recognize that perhaps the most important supporters are the hundreds of thousands of individual seeds planted by Vermonters in every community in the state. We may not have your names listed below, but we will see your support in the sunflowers that you plant as an act of solidarity for the people of Ukraine. 

                                                                                 2024 Supporters

Individual Financial Support

Steven Berard

Neal Brodein

Thomas Capuano

Rosamund Coquillette

Lee Darcy

Carinthia Grayson

Mariel Hess

Laureen Kamuda

William Kipp

Janice McInerney

Janet and Dale Newton

Lauren Parra

Haven Pierce

Jan Oliver

Richard Otto

Terri Papp

Elizabeth Richards

Carie Tarte

Jennifer Wagner

Alan Wing

Kemberly Ziegerhofer

Farmers Markets

Burlington Farmers Market

The Putney Farmers Market


Barnet Presbyterian Church

Bethany Church UCC

The Congregational Church of Middlebury UCC

Danville Congregational UCC

First Congregational Church of Brighton

First Universalist Parish of Chester

Second Congregational Church - Bennington

Union Church of Proctor

State of Vermont

Vermont Information and Welcome Centers

Cities &Towns / Town Halls

Dummerston Town Clerk's Office


Castleton University Bridge Initiative

Growing Peace Project


Albany Public Library

Aldrich Public Library

Bennington Free Library

Bent Northrop Memorial Library

Bixby Memorial Free Library

Brandon Free Public Library

Brooks Memorial Library

Brown Public Library

Brownell Library

Cabot Public Library

Carpenter-Carse Library

Charlotte Public Library

Cobleigh Public Library

Crossett Library

Cutler Memorial Library

Deborah Rawson Memorial Library

Dorothy Alling Memorial Library

Dorset Village Library

Enosburgh Public Library

Fairfax Community Library

Fletcher Free Library

Fletcher Memorial Library

Goodrich Memorial Library

Grand Ilse Free Library

Hartland Public LIbrary

Huntington Public Library

Ilsley Public Library

Jeudevine Memorial Library

John G. McCullough Free Library

Johnson Public Library

Latham Library

Lydia Taft Pratt Library

Maclure Library

Manchester Community Library

Milton Public Library

Moretown Memorial Library

Norman Williams Public Library

North Hero Public Library

Norwich Public Library

Pawlet Public Library

Pettee Memorial Library

Proctor Free Library

Richmond Free Library

Rockingham Free Public Library

Roger Clark Memorial Library

Royalton Memorial Library

Russel Memorial Library

St. Albans Free Library

St. Johnsbury Athenaeum

Salisbury Public Library

Sarah Partridge Library

Sheldon Municipal Library

Sherburne Memorial Library

South Burlington Public Library 

South Rygate Public Library

Starksboro Public Library

Stowe Free Library

Varnum Memorial Library

Wardsboro Library

Waterbury Public Library

Waterville Town Library

West Rutland Free Library

Whiting Library

Wilder Memorial Library

Winhall Memorial Library

Wm. H, & Lucy F. Rand Memorial Library

Wardsboro Library

Windsor Public Library

Worthen Library

2023 Supporters Archive Below

Business Financial Support

American Flatbread

Burke Mountain Resort

Cheese and Wine Traders


Fruitlands B&B / Berry Farm

Highland Center for the Arts

Hunger Mountain Coop

The Parker Pie Co.

Passumpsic Bank

The Putney Farmers' Market

Toland Sand Glass Studio

Sunflower Selections

Vermont Specialty Coffee Roasters

Businesses Carrying VPSU Seeds

Albany General Store

American Flatbread - Waitsfield

Black Cap Coffee & Bakery

Brattleboro Food Co-op

Bringing You Vermont

Cabot Village Store

Castleton Community Center

Cheese and Wine Traders

Craftsbury General Store

Currier's Quality Market

Elmore Store

Evergreen Gardens of Vermont

Farmhouse Market


Flat Iron Cooperative

Fox Market

Freighthouse Market and Cafe

Gervais Ace Hardware

Hastings Store

Hero's Welcome General Store

Highland Center for the Arts

Hunger Mountain Coop

Jericho Center Country Store

Johnson Farm & Garden

Keeler's Bay Variety

Kingdom Market

Lincoln General Store

Littleton Food Co-op

Lunenburg Variety Store

Mach's Market

Marshfield Village Store

Marty's 1st Stop

Middlebury Natural Foods Coop

The Mill Market and Deli

Moose River Lake & Lodge Store

Morrison's Feed Bag

Morrisville Food Co-op

Newberry Village Store

Newport Natural Market & Cafe

Old Brick Store

The Parker Pie Co.

Passumpsic Bank

Peacham Cafe

Plainfield Food Coop

Red Hen Baking Company

Ridge Hemp

Ripton Community Store

Royer's Mini Mart

Rutland Area Food Co-op

The Satellite Gallery VT

Share MRV

Springfield Food Coop

Stone Village Farmers Market

Stowe Street Cafe

Sunflower Natural Foods

Sweet Clover Market

Swiss Farm Market

Thibault's Market

Upper Valley Food Coop

Village Square Booksellers

Waits River General Store

Wayside Restaurant

West Barnet Quick Stop

Willey's Store

Williston Hot Yoga

Woodford General Store

Wood Meadow Market

Woodstock Farmer's Market

The Yankee Book Shop


Individual Financial Support

Kelly Adams

Helen Bishop

Christopher Boeckman

Ashley Boyd

Kay Doolan

John Drew

Anne Eldridge

Dawn Felsing

Pamela & Karl Fischer

Patricia Folsom

Leslie Goldman

Terri Graves

Coletta Greenbaum

Gerald Linderman

Pamela May

Emily Padberg

Debbe Palmer

Teri Gagnon Papp

Lidia Pasamanick

Lawrence Rogacki

Sue Roosma

Sandra Schuman

Lauren Slayton

Carrie Tarte

Terri Vest

James White

Eugene Whitman

Alan Wing

Mykhaylo Yermakov

Cities &Towns / Town Halls





Photo taken by Anson Tebbets on the Tebbets Farm

Photo Credit: Anson Tebbets, the Tebbets Farm

Photo Archive Request: Do you have photos of the sunflowers that you planted or of other plantings in your corner of Vermont? We have begun to build a photographic record of the thousands of locations around the state where our Autumn Beauty blossoms are declaring our support for the people of Ukraine. You can go to our Facebook page and find the top thread that has been pinned to the top. Share photos there. Tell us the location(s) and share a brief narrative if you can. You can also email a few of your best photos to If you use email, please do include location(s) and a brief narrative that we can share. Help us celebrate the work and expressions of hope. We will also be highlighting groups of photos in our Blog. Help us to continue to inspire Vermonters to aid the people of Ukraine in any way that they can.

2022 Supporters Archive

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