9/6/22 Photo Archive Request: Do you have photos of the sunflowers that you planted or of other plantings in your corner of Vermont? We have begun to build a photographic record of the thousands of locations around the state where our Autumn Beauty blossoms are declaring our support for the people of Ukraine. You can go to our Facebook page and find the top thread that has been pinned to the top. Share photos there. Tell us the location(s) and share a brief narrative if you can. You can also email a few of your best photos to solidarity@vtsunflowers4ukraine.org If you use email, please do include location(s) and a brief narrative that we can share. Help us celebrate the work and expressions of hope. We will also be highlighting groups of photos in our Blog. Help us to continue to inspire Vermonters to aid the people of Ukraine in any way that they can. 

Ongoing - As VPSU receives official notice of support, providing display of our seed packets and/or donations to our solidarity work, we will update this page. We also recognize that perhaps the most important supporters are the tens of thousands of individual seeds planted by Vermonters in every corner of the state. We may not have your names listed below, but we will see your support in the sunflowers that you plant for the people of Ukraine.

Donations to date 9/6/22 - $3,850 *Please support this work by making a donation to VPSU.