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Snow Thunder - Origins of VPSU

Another day begins for VPSU. In being interviewed Monday by Rachel Hellman from Seven Days, Janet reminded me that this journey began in February 2022 during the first hours of the attack on Ukraine. Out of a feeling of intense pain and distress for the people of Ukraine and for our world asked to suffer yet another atrocity, I stepped out on the front porch in the cold and darkness that night. Immediately I heard "explosions" off to the southeast. It was snow thunder, a rarity in Vermont. It shook me to the bone because, as I said to Janet when I came back in the house, what if these had actually been the sounds of bombs. How can we even begin to imagine the horror?

Our small daily acts of solidarity may matter. It is our prayer. Together, Vermonters have shown great empathy, support and an eagerness to spread the words of solidarity and to plant the seeds of joy and beauty. We have to believe, I have to believe, that our daily attention and invitations for this community action will matter.

As I said on that cold, dark evening in February here on this mountain top in Vermont, this seemingly impermeable Vermont sanctuary, we have to do something. By 8 a.m. we have already added a new location. Thank you once again to Mach's Market in Pawlet, Vt. Their box will be mailed out by 9 a.m. We are within days of sharing a million autumn beauty seeds of solidarity in every corner of Vermont, including this morning, Pawlet.

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