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Announcing the Start of our Third Year of Solidarity

I have been personally struggling with making this decision. Not being at work today has given me extra moments to come into focus. The decision has been made. ~Dale Newton, VPSU

Today we announce the start of our 3rd year of Vermont Plants Sunflowers for Ukraine. It is a huge amount of time and significant funds that need to be mustered. Considering the current inaction in Congress and the state of the ramped up Russian atrocities in Ukraine, how can we not stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine? Their fates and our fates are inextricably tied together.

Let it be known that Vermont stands with Ukraine.

We just placed our order for autumn beauty seed from the Silver Falls Seed Company (2/28) in Oregon. We are in the process of finalizing our printing order from Leahy Press in Montpelier.

Please consider making a donation to VPSU as we begin this solidarity work. After making another donation this morning to World Central Kitchen in the name of VPSU, we had just under $1,000 left over from 2023. After ordering the seed we will have about $300 left. The printing will probably come in near $1,800. We also have to order some office supplies such as labels, "glue sticks" for sealing up seed packets and for the large expense of mailing our boxes of seeds to distribution points around the state. You can donate by going to the Support page or by mailing your personal check. Thank you for anything that you might feel that you an do.

We are also asking all of you to call the office of Speaker of the House in Washington and request that Congress vote on the Bill to provide immediate support for the people of Ukraine. 202-225-4000 is the number to call. Please share this across the country and with your friends who live in other states.

Did we not learn the lessons from the Greatest Generation? Putin will not stop. How many more thousands of Ukrainians must die? Which NATO country will be next, and when do we then ask our American children to fight and die in another war in Europe?

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