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For Every Blossom Keep the People Of Ukraine in Your Hearts and Minds. Support Them As You Are Able.

The sunflowers here at Fruitlands are simply breathtaking right now. Come for a visit. Take home a bouquet. (VPSU was born and raised here on our farm.)

As you see sunflowers blooming across Vermont, remember that Vermont Plants Sunflowers for Urkaine shared 10,000 Autumn Beauty seed packets with Vermonters. Keep your attention on the plight of the people of Ukraine. Consider ways to help at whatever level is possible for you.

We took a two-hour ride on 9/3 up through Greensboro, Craftstbury, Albany, Irasburg, Westmore, Burke, Lyndonville, St. Johnsbury, Danville and back home here in Marshfield. We were thrilled to see dozens of homes and farms displaying the Autumn Beauty sunflowers. PLEASE take photos in your area of Vermont and share them with us. You can email to or share on our VPSU Facebook page. Let us know where they are growing. We are planning to continue this next year. We hope that this will become a Vermont tradition long after Ukraine has been sustained and healed.

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