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This May Be the First Blossom

Technically not in Vermont, but my friend Gerry from GA sent this photo today. We supplied him with one of our packets of Autumn Beauty seeds per his request when he learned about our solidarity action here in Vermont. As far as we know, this would be the very first blossom out of the hundreds of thousands of seeds that we shared. Awesome!

"Seed from my friend Dale's Vermont Planes Sunflowers for Ukraine Project. The ones that have yet to bloom measured ten feet four inches tall this morning."

*I was a reader and lab assistant for him at PVA (my junior year...70/71). Great to stay connected all these decades later.

As we all care for our sunflowers and eagerly await our first blossoms, Keep focused on the people of Ukraine and keep looking for ways to help. Every action matters.

As your plantings progress, please share photos and stories with us. We will collect them and share them here and on our Facebook page.

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