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This is Ukriane before the bombs began to drop. This will be Ukraine "tomorrow." Believe.

Photo by Nadia Povalinska. This photo was posted by Heather Cox Richardson on 3/11/22 through her e-mail list "Letters from an American," a newsletter about the history behind today's politics. This was her note last night:

March 11, 2022 Heather Cox Richardson "If I took a night off last weekend, I don’t remember it, and I am tired, tired, tired. So I’m turning tonight’s letter over to my friend Nadia Povalinska, who has recently fled her home in Ukraine, and who has graciously shared her love of her country with me over the years."

"I love Nadia’s images of Ukraine, and this one especially. It is from before the war, just a few weeks and a lifetime ago."

"I'll see you tomorrow."

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