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There Is Going to Be a Lot of Yellow in Peacham

Today we delivered 80 of our VPSU seed envelopes and approximately one cup of seed to the principal of Peacham Elementary School. As we were leaving, Principal Samuel McCleod said, as he looked out over the playground and school gardens, "There is going to be a lot of yellow out there."

The plan is for every student and every member of the staff to take a packet of our Autumn Beauty sunflowers home and to plant them later in May. The students are also going to be planting around town in key locations and even for their neighbors.

As stated in this school's mission: "The Peacham Elementary School is a community of learners and teachers dedicated to developing the ability of each individual to think and communicate clearly, to explore the world, to make responsible decisions, and to have concern for the common good." We would certainly say that this school community is, indeed, "concerned for the common good" whether in a small Vermont community or for the people in a country far away like Ukraine.

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