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The Bennington Battle Monument Transformed as a Symbol of Solidarity for the People of Ukraine.

For six weeks starting Monday, the Bennington Battle Monument will be bathed in the colors of the Ukrainian flag to express Vermont’s solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

During this period, the 306-foot-tall state monument will be illuminated in blue and yellow from sunset till 11:59 p.m., the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation announced.

The division described it as a “one-time special illumination event” amid the war between Ukraine and Russia, which invaded its neighbor on Feb. 24. *Read the entire story in today's VTDigger.

The Battle of Bennington was of no small consequence in bringing an end to the Revolutionary War. The mostly untrained Yankees had overwhelmingly defeated some of Europe's best trained, disciplined and equipped troops. A large percentage of Burgoyne's army had been killed, wounded or captured and much of their already short supply of needed military stores had been captured by the American forces. The Americans' valuable stock of stores and supplies had been saved, and Burgoyne's ambitious plan for a quick march to Albany had been halted.

The Bennington Battle Monument displays the colors of Ukraine.
The Bennington Battle Monument to show the colors of Ukraine starting April 18, 2022.

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