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Take a Look at Our Progress

As of today,, March 24, we are nearing 35% of our goal of sharing a million autumn sunflower seeds in every corner of Vermont. Just this morning we packed, boxed and mailed out nearly 1,500 packets to 12 locations.

Our VPSU invitation to Vermont schools was published this week in the Dept. of Ed's Field Notes which goes out to all Administrators across the state. We have already been connected to nine schools. This is just the start.

We are particularly pleased that we have been able to make connections with towns along the northern Connecticut River region. Last year we did not have these areas covered with our seed packets.

Our list of libraries is starting to grow. Many town libraries now have seed "lending libraries." We believe that for many reasons, Vermont libraries are the perfect places to share our seeds. We keep reaching out to them. It is a very long list.

Thank you to all of the business locations around Vermont that have said YES to sharing our seed packets. Most of our 2022 locations have been contacted, and we have been able to add new locations. Our goal is to cover every part of Vermont. Take a look at our Supporters page. If you see that there are no locations yet in your area, please ask around on our behalf. We are thankful for every new name added. As you can see, if possible, we also make the name a link. That is one specific way that we can say thank you. *Photo below shows sunflowers growing as an act of solidarity by the entrance to King Arthur in Norwich.

Sunflowers planted at King Arthur Baking.
King Arthur Baking in Norwich, VT. 2022 planting.

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