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Take a Look at Our Growing List of Supporters

This has been a very busy day here at VPSU. Last night we finally "finished" contacting nearly every public library in Vermont. We were already about 75% through the very long list. So far today we have added: Huntington Public Library, Jeudevine Memorial Library in Hardwick, Hartland Public Library, Winhall Memorial Library and the Pettee Memorial Library in Wilmington. We are especially please since there are all in places where we had no other locations sharing our seeds of solidarity.

We are also working on community gardens and farmers' markets. So are today we have added: Putney Farmers' Market and the Putney Community Gardens.

A special connection has been established with Agape Ministries, Inc. in Derby. The have requested seed packets to share as well as all three varieties in bulk to plant at their Agape House of Mercy where several families from Ukraine are now living in a converted senior nursing facility.

Many of these places also requested orange hobbits for planting around their facilities.

The Huntington Public Library has also requested seed packets for their Summer Reading Program materials sent home with children and staff at Brewster Pierce Elementary School. A reminder (see photo below) that we do have a limited number of interpretive 18" x 18" lawn signs. We have to ask a $20 donation for these. They are expensive to print in small numbers.

*Edited: After Arriving back from mailing and delivering to the above, these requests came in: W. H. & Lucy F. Rand Memorial Library in North Troy, Grand Isle Free Library, and Richmond Free Library. They are packed, boxed and ready to be mailed priority on 4/11.

Again, these are all locations that were previously without a location sharing our VPSU seeds of solidarity. It has been a good day!

Please continue to share with us personal contacts and idea that you may have as to places that might share our seeds of solidarity. We still have places in Vermont where are seeds are not available. Check out the Supporters Page to see where are seeds can be found and who has generously supported our work so far.

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