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Send Us Your Sunflower Photos That We Might Share

The photos below are the first blooms here on our farm / sunflower central in Marshfield. We are at 1,800' so flooding did not get to our plantings, but the excess rain has certainly made the growing season more difficult this year as compared to last year. These are mostly the 2-3' orange hobbits and the 5' gold rush. We do have some autumn beauty just starting to blossom. *The last photo is from a coworker in Lyndonville. We planted orange hobbits and autumn beauty on top of a high berm along 114 just north of Lyndonville. I am bringing up one of our signs tomorrow.

Please start to send us your photos from around the state. We could use a bit of joy and certainly want to archive the results of this year's million seeds shared. Tell us where the photos were taken, please.

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