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Our VPSU 2023 Vermont Community Acts of Solidarity Begins

Yes, it is cold here. -28 this morning with wind. However, we can only try to imagine what it is like this morning for the hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine who have no power, heat or water. I can only imagine huddling in the dark with your children, shaking from the cold and the fear of yet another missile strike on yet another home, apartment building, school or hospital.

To all of you who know or perhaps don't know,weI am embarking on the second year, the 2023 Vermont act of solidarity, for the people of Ukraine. Printing is being finalized and ordered as well as ordering the autumn beauty sunflower seeds. I hope to come close to doubling last year's numbers...close to a million sunflowers planted. Sunflower Selections in CA have also donated 5k each of two other sunflower varieties: Orange Hobbit and Gold Rush.

We have about 25% of the needed start-up funds. $4,000 budget. Please consider participating through a donation and by planting this spring and summer. Please share this far and wide. We have begun to update the website and also to reach out to the Vermont business community for support. Supporters will be recognized on our Supporters page.

Vermont Welcome Centers Supporting VPSU

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