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Our Brave Little State Has Made a Difference.

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

This photo from the desk at the Fair Haven Welcome Center was sent to us this morning. Honestly, this is a very emotional moment. The participation from VTrans and Vermont Department of Buildings and Grounds is significant and will tell visitors coming into our state that we stand with the people of Ukraine.

Thank you. The last three months has been a long journey, sometimes exhausting. 10,000 seed packets have now been shared in every corner of Vermont. We imagine on this first day of June that most of our seeds are now rising from the ground. Let's keep our attention on our purpose. Let's be ready later in the summer and fall to take and share our stories and thousands of photos. (Please share those with us so that we can document our collective action on our Facebook page and on our VPSU Website.)

Spread the word and plant the seeds of solidarity and hope. Keep finding ways to support the work of those giving direct assistance in Ukraine. Our Brave Little State has made a difference.

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