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Our 2023 Solidarity Community Action Has Begun

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

*2/17/23 Update: Our autumn beauty seeds arrived yesterday. Our new rack cards are done, and our seed packet envelopes will be ready to pick up next week. We hope to begin in earnest by March 1. Please consider supporting this work with a donation to VPSU. Aside from out upfront costs in seed and printing, we will soon be needing funds for mailing out boxes of seeds to businesses across Vermont as well as delivering many of them in person.

We are excited this morning to declare that nearly a million autumn beauty sunflower seeds are on their way from Oregon Wholesale Seed Company (retail side Silver Falls Seed Company). They gave us, Vermont Plants Sunflowers for Ukraine, a very favorable bulk price for our solidarity action. Our envelopes / seed packets and 2023 rack cards are finalized and in the printing process at Leahy Press in Montpelier. Leahy also quoted a price much more favorable than we were able to get in 2022. As compared to last year when VPSU was born out of a visceral reaction to the attack on Ukraine with little time to plan and gear up, we have had time and one year's experience on our side this year. Of course the tragic side of those facts is that the atrocity is still happening.

Anyone want to do the math? Figure out how long it might take to put 40+ seeds in each packet, seal and place the variety label on the back? Anyone who might wish to join us in some packet parties, please let us know. We will feed you! Also, please take a look at this work and consider if you might support this state-wide solidarity action. Donations can be made directly through our website. Our start-up costs are between $3,000 and $4,000 dollars. So far we have about a 1/3 on hand.

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