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From Richmond Elementary School - First to Report!

Hello -

I am writing from Richmond Elementary School in Richmond Vermont!

My preschool students have been very inspired by your initiative to plant and spread sunflowers all over our beautiful Green Mountain State for the people of UKRAINE!

Last week, young learners painted beautiful sunflowers for our school display case with the hope of inspiring other grade levels to join us in planting seeds! We wove early literacy, math, science and social studies into our work! Did you know Ukraine is 27 times larger than Vermont? Two other preschool classes in our school district are doing similar projects at their schools as well! We hope to transplant over 200 sunflowers on our school grounds in the next month!

Thank you for inspiring us! Much of our school work focuses on being caring citizens that honor our outdoor world! We are very excited to be part of this very important work!


Suzanne Self and 17 young preschool learners

Early Educator

Richmond Elementary School

Richmond, Vermont

Elementary Pre School Students Paint Sunflowers
Richmond Elementary Pre School Students Paint Sunflowers

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