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Castleton Community Center / VPSU Event

Updated: Jun 8

On Saturday, June 3rd, at the Castleton Community Center, sunflower seeds were planted in the garden, candy corn cupcakes devoured, and donations collected on behalf of the children of Ukraine. Crafts were available for the making and a stroll along the “Fun Facts Sunflower Walk” , which is a 1/3 of a mile trail across the road from the center, was encouraged. A member of the center crocheted some beautiful sunflower pins with all proceeds going to the Ukraine Children’s Action Project. Seed packets are still available at the center and donations for pins will continue until we run out.

A big thank you to Laurie Kamuda from the Castleton Community Center 2108 Main St. Castleton, VT for her work, for organizing this event, and for supporting our work in the Southern Vermont area.

*Note from Laurie Kamuda: Please note that the children in these photos are actually at our town library helping to plant a sunflower garden at a separate event that we held several weeks ago in Castleton. I checked today and the sunflowers are already up about 3". (6/8/23)

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