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All 15,000 Solidarity Seed Packets Have Been Sent Out Across Vermont

Well, it is all rather emotional, but the last box was mailed at 4 this afternoon to the Wilder Memorial Library in Weston. We had been outside most of the day placing new plastic on a greenhouse. Just before 3, we noted and email from Weston asking if it was still possible to join with us and sharing our seeds of solidarity. There were about 100 packets left to fill and label. We accomplished that in a very rushed 30 minutes. We printed label, packed box and headed to Danville to the PO.

We have tried for two years to find a place in the Weston area that would share our seeds. What a lovely way to "end" this phase. A quick tally shows that besides the many boxes delivered in person, we sent out 75 priority boxes. Each one was approx. $10. That does not include the many envelopes to individuals who have requested our seed packets. We will continue to send out individual requests. We still have a lot of autumn beauty seed and a limited supply of gold rush and orange hobbit. We can also provide some bulk seed for a church, school or other organization to break up, pack and distribute or plant in their communities.

Most of us are still a few weeks away from planting season. Remember that the soil should be above 60 degrees. Follow the planting directions on the packet or on our website. Please send us your stories and especially your photos so that we can publish and archive the hundred or thousands of blossom across Vermont. This is the fun part!

*The photo below shows just one of the many colors that you can expect to see when you plant autumn beauty seeds.

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