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A Busy Day, May 11, and 170,000 More Seeds on the Way.

We packed the 1lb of seed that arrived late yesterday and sent out six packages today. Some of these were to restock and some were new.

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We also sent out seeds to Bellows Free Academy in Fairfax and received a request from the Quechee Library that will ship Saturday after the next seed shipment arrives Friday.

Thursday will be another day waiting for more seeds to arrive. We spent way too much time on email and the phone today with True Leaf in Salt Lake trying to figure out why our tracking number, assigned on May 7, did not show our shipment having been sent. We finally had resolution with their decision to send another 5 lb bag via FedEx 2-day Express. We will be back to packing later Friday and through the weekend.

Please let us know ASAP if you have new ideas for locations that would share our seeds. We had had emails today asking if it were too late to get seed. This is Vermont. Even with this warm spell, our ground temps are not above 60 in most areas. We plan on planting here at "command central" 1,800' up on or around Memorial Day. We will be working to spread the word and to plant the seeds of solidarity right up into early June.

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