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Sunflowers Welcoming Visitors to Vermont

Lisa Sanchez, manager of the Vermont Information Centers Division, has been sending us photos of the sunflowers that were planted at the Vermont Welcome Centers. There are more to come, and they will be added as they come in to us. We also are gratified that the following story was shared with us today.

Today in staff meeting the Guilford Welcome Center(I91 North) team shared a very touching story from a visitor over the past weekend.

The visitor stopped at the center and saw the flower arrangement, and the write up on the front desk and proceeded to share with the staff that she was from the Ukraine, and she thanked them for their part in the effort. The visitor was moved to near tears and indicated she wanted to find out who was behind the effort so she could thank them. She also wanted to share the project with her family back in the Ukraine. She was shown the actual garden outside as well.

Unfortunately she did not leave her name with us so we have no way of reaching out to her to share your contact information but none the less I thought it important for you to know that your vision and effort to move this project forward is making an impact at our centers and in our small state.

Thank you again for the vision and for allowing the Vermont Information Center Division to host the flowers. From the top left: Lyndonville1, Hartford, Guilford, Lyndonville2, Georgia1,2,3 , Derby, Fairhaven, Alburgh, Bennington1,2,3.

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