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From the Packing Table to Your Gardens

Welcome to command central, otherwise known as the kitchen table. We placed Autumn Beauty sunflower seeds in 500 VPSU packets on Thursday, 4/14.

If you are joining us in this act of Vermont solidarity as an individual, please send us an email requesting that we send you a packet(s). We pack 1/4 tsp (approx 40+ seeds per pack). If you have a plan for more, just ask. Give us your address, and we will mail out your seed packets ASAP. *We will not share your contact information.

If you represent a school, church or other organization or group, you can ask for bulk seeds and seed packets with our logo and planting directions. See our Blog post to find out how this would work.

We are just over a month from ideal planting season. Prepare now. Make a plan. Spread the word and plant the seeds of solidarity.

VPSU believes that for every sunflower planted, one more person may be motivated to take further action by donating to organizations that are giving direct aid to the people of Ukraine. Every act may inspire another act. We can all make a difference in a world where we easily feel helpless.

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